Dawn + Steve Gloves Up Session For Mendota Heights Living Magazine

Had a fantastic session the other day with Dawn and Steve for Mendota Heights Living Magazine! These two created the company called Gloves Up which is,” a special line of boxing gloves that are designed and to be given as a unique way of encouragement. A way to inspire a loved one to keep up the good fight and let them know you are in their corner.” The love just radiated through these two as the session went on. What a beautiful gift of encouragement they created! I just love shooting these sessions for Mendota Heights Living Magazine as it is such a  wonderful way to meet amazing people in my off season of wedding photography. I am looking forward to the next session. Take a look at these fun photo’s from over the weekend.   ~ Nicole

If you know of someone who needs a gift of encouragement,check out Steve and Dawns website at: http://www.glovesup.net/