Fantastic Sams has been a favorite client of mine for the last 3 years. I have done hair head shots for two separate owners of many Fantastic Sams salons around the south metro area. Love working with these salon owners as well as all of the talented hair stylists that enter these competitions yearly. This past year they had an amazing event held at Mystic Lake Event Center in Prior Lake where the stylists could dress up in their favorite decade. A few of them also received awards for being recognized as outstanding hairstylists in the Minnesota area out of all of the Fantastic Sams Hair salons(which there are ALOT!) Their special guest speaker this year was Ben Mollin from the Ben Mollin Project. His presentation was amazing as well as his demonstration of hair styles in front of the hairstylists near the end of the event. The food was mouthwatering and absolutely amazing! I look forward to working with the owners Kevin and Dave again this next spring for the hairstyle head shots for the next competition,it always fun to see the hairstylists win and seeing my photo’s part of their win! Take a look at a few highlights of this FANTASTIC event! ~ Nicole