4 Reasons to Photograph Your Baby’s First Birthday


The first year of your child’s life can be a huge challenge, especially if you’re a first-time parent, but it also passes surprisingly quickly. Before you know it, you’re planning their first birthday party, inviting all your friends and family to celebrate this major milestone in your child’s life and in your life as a parent.

Your child’s first birthday may be something they won’t remember, but you’ll want to remember it for years to come, and photography can help you do that!

Childhood passes quickly.
Your baby is already no longer a baby—that’s what a first birthday is all about! Soon, they won’t be a toddler anymore, and one day they will be an adult with their childhood completely behind them. That’s why it’s so important to capture photos of the big moments—and the little ones—as they happen. Your child’s first birthday is a huge milestone, and while they won’t remember the day, they’ll be grateful to have photos to look back on as they grow older, and you’ll be glad to have those memories captured as well.

You put a lot of effort into planning
Whether it’s a big party or just a small gathering with family, you put time and effort into planning a celebration for your child’s birthday. But once the party ends and the guests go home, all your work is forgotten. Photos allow you to remember the theme you chose, the colors, and the joy in your child’s face as they ate their first birthday cake. Just like your wedding day, so much of the day goes unremembered without the photos you’ll keep as mementos.

It’s a chance to get photos of your family and friends
You’ve heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child,” and that’s often true. While you as a parent may have done the lion’s share of the work, if you’re fortunate, you’ve had family members and friends who have supported you throughout the first year of your child’s life. Photographing your child’s first birthday celebration allows you to capture images not only of your child, but of the men and women who helped you transition into parenthood and who mean so much to your family.

You deserve a celebration
Let’s face it—your child won’t remember their first birthday. But you will. First birthday parties are as much about the parents as they are about the child. It’s about marking your success as a parent and celebrating all you’ve done to raise your child over the past year. Your efforts deserve to be celebrated, so make sure to have a little cake yourself!


Your child’s first birthday is a moment you want to remember forever, and that’s what photos are for—to help you recall the details, the joy, and the laughter of the day. And hiring a professional photographer to capture your baby’s transition into toddlerhood frees you up to enjoy the party and worry less about taking photos. Enjoy the celebration you’ve worked so hard on while capturing memories that will last a lifetime!

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