7 Things Your Portrait Photographer Wants You to Know

Booking a professional portrait photography session can often feel like a leap of faith,they are 7 things your portrait photographer wants you to know. You have to figure out what to wear and worry about how you’ll look in photos—something that isn’t fun for anyone! But I’m here to tell you that you can rest easy. As a photographer, I’ve seen it all, and, no, you are not unphotogenic or awkward.

You’re beautiful and worthy of having images that you love. I’ve put together a list of things all portrait photographers wish their clients knew. Hopefully, this will help you feel a little more prepared for your own session and a little more comfortable in front of the camera.

I don’t expect you to know how to pose

One thing I hear from almost every client is “I don’t know how to pose!” or one of its many variations like “What do I do with my hands?” or “Does my face look weird?” Let me be the first to tell you: relax. I don’t expect anyone I photograph to know how to pose or to have practiced their smile in the mirror for months (but you can if you want!). I love walking my clients through poses that feel natural and comfortable, and I’m more than happy to do the same for you.

I don’t always feel comfortable in front of the lens either!

A secret many photographers share: We don’t like having our photo taken either! Whether it’s a new headshot or family portraits with the kids, we feel just as awkward and uncomfortable as you do. After all, we’re used to being behind the camera, not in front of it! So, when you feel uncomfortable at your portrait session, know that your photographer has definitely been in your exact position, which makes them all the more qualified to guide you through it.


I’ll give you only the best images

I often have clients ask if they will receive all of their unedited images, and the answer is no. I provide my clients with the best images, all edited in my style. Why would you want photos where you blinked or made a funny face? Those images are outtakes for a reason, and I don’t share them. I prefer to give my clients images they will love, and trust me, you’ll get plenty of them!

A gorgeous location doesn’t guarantee gorgeous images

Location can be helpful for your portrait session, but it isn’t everything. I’ve taken stunning photos in allies and small patches of grass, as well as in fields of wildflowers or against beautiful backdrops. Beauty can be found anywhere you look, and even if you don’t have the “perfect” location, you can still get portraits that will make your jaw drop.

I work hard on your images behind the scenes

Photography is so much more than clicking a button. It’s years of education and training, practice and hours of time spent at the computer editing. Your images aren’t ready to go the moment I snap them. In fact, I’ll spend hours and sometimes even days choosing the best images and editing them to perfection. There’s a lot of work that goes into producing the photos you see on my website, and it’s all worth it to give my clients photos that they’ll adore.

Always print your photos

Digital images are great to have, both for sharing online and for storage, but don’t let that flash drive gather dust in your drawer! Too often, digital images are forgotten and never make it on the wall of your home where they belong. That’s why products and wall art are so important to me—I want my clients to truly enjoy their images and hang them up where everyone who visits their home can see them.



Positive reviews and recommendations mean everything

While I get inquiries through my website and social media, word-of-mouth also plays a huge role in my business. If you loved working with me, tell your family and friends. Leave a kind review on my Facebook or Google My Business page. These positive reviews encourage other people to get in touch with me, and they mean so much.

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