During off-season for shooting,it’s always a good time to update those head shots! Barb especially needed them for job pursuits and it had been a few years on updated ones for myself as well! Sometimes it’s fun to get creative with new head shots while playing/practicing with the MAGMOD gear!

I use MAGMOD products in all of the weddings I shoot and I always try to incorporate some creative shots throughout the day as well. The MAGMOD products that I used for these fun head shots of Barb and I were the MAGMOD CREATIVE GELS,MAGBEAM,MAGMASKS, & MAGGRIP+MAGGRID.

MAGMOD products are a really great way to pull some color into the photo’s as well as getting a little bit creative with them too. Shooting weddings that are usually rushed and high paced doesn’t leave much time to play,so during the off-season it’s fun to try out some new techniques. Barb and I are planning on shooting another session with the gels and masks using some new FRACTAL FILTERS I purchased as well as using some prism techniques. Shooting weddings requires knowledge and working at the speed of light…..knowledge…speed…hence why during the off-season it’s essential to practice some new techniques while taking my time to learn them. Trying them out on our head shots was perfect for Barb and I as she has been wanting to learn the MAGMOD system better and I wanted to just fine tune it and get the speed and basic settings down. I will be adding some of the shots from the fractal/prism shoot later in this post so make sure to check back and take a peek at them. ? Enjoy! ~ Nicole